Trove adds a new Delve biome to PTS, accidentally leaks a potential new Bard class

If this went away, I would be pissed.

Are you ready for more Delve goodness in Trove? If you replied to that question with a groan, well too bad buckaroo because that’s exactly what you’re getting in the PTS.

A new biome is being introduced to the Delve based on the Fae Wilds, which houses two new mounts, three new allies, three new banner styles, and 10 new mementos. Additionally, all Fridays will be “Fae Fridays,” with matchmakers for the Spiderboss, King, and Queen available to be crafted on Fridays. The PTS has other notes as well, including new hovercycles that drop from each of the Geode Topside Leviathan bosses and other general updates.

For those who are looking for a more player-facing breakdown of this new PTS build (as well as some scathing yet fair criticisms of Trove’s systems), YouTuber Scyushi has a new video to check out which is embedded below. In addition to the PTS preview, he also talks about an apparent accidental leak of a new class in the PTS: When he logged into the PTS earlier, the costumes section of the Style UI had a tab for a Bard class, which has since disappeared. As Scyushi points out, however, the Bard class has been in Trove’s code for a very long time, so it may have been a holdover. Or it may be a cheeky sneak peek. Who knows.


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