Valheim concurrency soars past 360K as the game’s now sold 2M copies


When we first reported on the early access launch of Valheim, the new Viking-themed co-op survival sandbox, we pointed out that the game was already making a splash, selling 1 million copies and raking in 160K concurrent players on Steam. That player count has since been eclipsed. Significantly. To the tune of 2 million boxes now sold.

Over the past weekend, Valheim hit a new all-time concurrency peak of 367,443, seeing it overtake big names like Apex Legends and GTA V. As of this writing, player numbers are not too short of that high-water mark, with 239,281 currently in-game right now. The numbers continue to keep the title at the number four spot for most played games on Steam, just under mainstays PUBG, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

The game also has been popular as a streaming title, with developer Iron Gate Studios pointing out that the game had over 127,000 peak viewers on Twitch in its first week. All told, Valheim is in a very good place right now in terms of player engagement. And on the subject of streams, you can check out our own first livestreamed look at the game in the embed below.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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Do I need friends to play co-op or can i join others as a rando


From what I’ve seen you *can* join a random game… but you might not want to. Resources don’t seem to respawn (trees drop seeds but I’ve never seen any of the people I’ve watched on youtube plant them.) So if you drop into an existing world you might be stuck with nothing around to practice building. Which could maybe be an issue.

On the other hand it’s apparently NOT Ark or Conan, and at least so far I haven’t seen anyone mention problems similar to those two games. IE, someone riding around with a pack of high-level super raptors and shredding the Beach Bob newbies just because.


You can join a random server but there’s no respawn of resources. If you clear a dungeon it remains cleared (Tip: leave a handy skeleton spawner up to farm bone chips for your tier 1 upgrades), deforested areas must be replanted, etc…

I don’t think the game is designed to handle multiple teams of people. As the devs suggest it’s best with one team of 4-5 people per server.

David Goodman

Gratuitous Longhouse Shots! Before and After. When i eventually get up to stone, i’ll design something new as my main settlement.

I’ll probably need to beat the second boss though for that. The swamp wasn’t nice to me, and reminded me, “Hey, we gave you the recipe for poison resist potions for a reason – now you know why.”

And I also built my latest satallite base too close to the Plains biome (was in the black forest on another island, but apparently too close their locals). I was encouraged by the local HOA to relocate.

And I was attached by a sea serpent! (ship took about 60% damage, but i chased it off, couldn’t kill it.) And saw Kraken, but it was too stormy to land on it.

So much stuff, and I’m still not even past the first boss to even get to iron.

Valheim - Before.png
Valheim - After.png
John Mclain

A truely great game. I won’t mind it if this becomes the new “genre fad” for the next few years. As the last several fads have been complete garbage.

Kickstarter Donor

Enjoying the hell out of it. Finally found the swamp biome, so I can keep progressing. Trying to build an outpost so far from my main base was a blast. Every time you chop a tree or smash a rock, all the monsters in a large area come for you and it’s even worse at night. But, a couple hours later, Fort Dismal was complete. Of course I forgot to bring portal mats with me…


Game Of The Year and I never use that term for any game. I doubt many independent developers will have this type of success based on an early access game this polished, that you can play now. Looking forward to beating the last two bosses and then starting all over again.


Took a bit but finally got through majority of the base game.

Going to look forward to playing through it again once they get more content added kinda like Terraria.


It’s pretty much the next Terraria but in a 3D setting where the building system feels really good and the visuals look great, so this is well earned imo.

Dankey Kang

Much like Terraria, I think it’s gonna take a few years before it becomes truly great.


We’ve had so much fun in this game in just the last three days. It’s all the best parts of ARK and Conan without being designed as a gankbox, and it fits within a 1gb download.

Chrissy built us a longhouse, then we sailed out to kill the first boss, then we spent the late evening mining and laughing as Chris attempted to haul our loot back in a hand cart.

Logged in today to a bunch of protesting tree-huggers.

You really should get this game. It’s fun solo, but with 3 or 4 friends it’s an adventure machine.


The wave of love (not to mention price-point and file-size) convinced me to grab the game and give it a try yesterday. Character models are definitely on the limited side, a little rough… but the beards flop so it’s all good. Textures have a bit of fuzz to them, specially to foliage like bushes…

But itsa pretty game. I don’t mind the rough edges at all (currently replaying Drakengard 1–now that’s some rough), and mechanically it fits right in with where I like for survival games. I’m not horribly punished for not drinking/eating, but the game does incentivize at least grabbing something to eat every so often. I did spend the first… 80 minutes just shouting at deer before I even stumbled upon my first boar, then once I got myself a bow I started cursing at boars because for the life of me I couldn’t find deer. Another fifteen minutes hollering at deer, eventually killing enough to summon big-boy deer-god. Took him out first try.

Then flailed around at things for like… 10 minutes with a pickaxe just because I could. My house is awkwardly balanced on a lump of ground right now, but at least there isn’t a hill against it anymore. I might default to my Minecraft tactic of saying screw building a house, I’m going to punch a hole into the ground and put a door on it.

So yeah, 9 rocks out of 10 trees–could use more fist-punching deer. I also hit Jump level 5 before… literally anything else hit level 1, so that’s… neat!

2Ton Gamer

The game is simply mah-vel-ous… So nice to see a survival game get so much love and the company has done a great job at showing how to do an early release right. There are things I would love to see enhanced in the game and I am along for the journey, no matter where it takes us.