Check out the latest combat footage trailer from Blade & Soul 2

And then, smashy.

We don’t mean to shock anyone with this revelation, but Blade & Soul 2 is going to involve fighting stuff at various points. Possibly several points. If you’re curious about what it’s going to look like when you have to engage in fighting… well, that’s what the game’s latest trailer is all about, showing off five of the game’s weapons in battle against various foes courtesy of MMO Culture. Yes, it’s really that straightforward.

The trailer contains sword, axe, gauntlet, force, and bow users all fighting separately, as well as teaming up to take down some bigger foes to show off what the full experience will look like. Players in South Korea should be able to experience the content of the cross-platform game for themselves starting in March, but North American audiences will have to wait longer. Still, who doesn’t love a trailer all about laying waste to groups of monsters?

Source: MMO Culture

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Dug From The Earth

if these were just co-op fighting games, like a souls-light style, it would be great.

The issue with most of these visually spectacular looking eastern games, isnt the combat, animations, or graphics. Its the entire rest of the game and often monetization.

Bruno Brito

For some reason, i’m feeling heavy Apex Legends vibes coming out of this.

Dankey Kang

At last, an Asian MMO other than BDO which isn’t on unreal 3.


I think it looks well done, very clean, what I’m personally interested in though, is the PvP.

PS. Is that Ozaru flying in on a white cloud? :)))