Temtem confirms new islands and tutorial tweaks for final release

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Temtem still has some work to do before it leaves early access, and a bit of information about some of that planned work was part of an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle with the devs, who talked about some of the design influences and other matters related to the game as well.

In the interview, Crema Games confirms that the final release will have at least two more islands for players to explore, a mini-island dedicated to endgame activities, improvements to the game’s tutorial, some additional work on PS5-specific features like Activity Cards and haptic feedback, and (of course) a full roster of monsters for players to capture.

On the subject of new monsters, the devs have announced the results of a player poll to name its latest creature, officially dubbing the first version of the new creature Smolzy. The Twitter post also offers a look at the second and final evolution stages of the Tem, which sees it transforming from an unassuming little cube into a hulking monster that looks ready to punch you through all the walls.

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