VR MMO Zenith returns from radio silence with a sneak peek at a city level and a magic attack


It’s been some time since we heard a peep out of Zenith, the in-development VR MMO from studio Ramen VR. In fact, the last thing we heard was that the game’s alpha was being pushed back to sometime this year. That has just changed, however, as the team has come back from hiding with a new newsletter that offers a couple of sneak peeks.

Specifically, the devs have put together a video flythrough that offers a look at part of a city level and offered up some footage of an Essence Mage running a DPS spec calling down lightning on some fools. As for when that alpha will actually occur, the newsletter continues to offer the nebulous date of “soon,” but it also confirms that the devs will be restarting playtests in the near future, which will apparently be announced in the game’s official Discord.

As a refresher, Zenith is a VR MMO that has designs to become “the Ultima Online of VR.” The game blitzed through its August Kickstarter to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars and has been slowly moving through development, having already had a May pre-alpha test and, as mentioned before, delaying its alpha phase to sometime in the early part of this year due to work on an expanded feature set.

source: official newsletter

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