Magic Legends discusses how gear and itemization will work in a new video


At its core, the upcoming Magic Legends is an ARPG, and ARPGs are kind of known for having enemies that are effectively loot piƱatas. And while the game won’t have a great deal of gear to look forward to when bosses are slain (you’re more likely to see spell cards), the devs are indeed going to have a gear system, as outlined in a new developer video.

The addition of gear is a result of player feedback from the Legends’ 2020 alpha testing, which effectively said that the ARPG needed some kind of loot system. In response, the devs have added six types of gear pieces — head, chest, arms, legs, and two accessory slots — each in common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare varieties.

Equipment confers stat bonuses that improve overall combat ability and survivability, while mods will have triggered effects that synergize with spells and artifacts to further tailor your character. All gear has a core mod that’s intrinsic to the item and one or more adaptive mods that can be swapped out, and getting new adaptive mods happens when duplicate items have a new adaptive mod to switch to. Duplicate items can also provide a piece of upgrade material specific to that item.

On the subject of tailoring, getting new gear unlocks its appearance at the Tailor, which can be found in every region’s hub city. Going to a Tailor will allow players to style their character as they see fit, with gear visuals, dye channels, and the ability to adjust body shape, hairstyle, skin color and more.

source: Gamespot

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