No Man’s Sky adds an in-depth pet system with the Companions update


Space can be a lonely place in No Man’s Sky, but it doesn’t need to be if you have a little pet friend helping you out on your journey. That’s what the sizable Companions update is all about, adding a whole host of pet-centric features to the interstellar sandbox.

At the base level, the Companions update brings new depth to pets beyond simply feeding a wild creature to have it follow you around for a bit. All creatures can now be milked by simply feeding them, creatures normal and giant can be ridden like mounts, and up to six creatures can be adopted to travel with players wherever they go, even on the Anomaly.

Each companion has a distinct personality that governs its behavior, while the harness that companions wear informs players of their pet’s thoughts and desires. Pets will need some occasional upkeep in the form of food or attention and can either perform tasks on their own initiative or be ordered around. Pets will need to be cared for over a long period of time to build trust, but once a companion is suitably trusting, it will lay eggs that can either be hatched into new creatures and raised from infancy to adulthood, traded to other players, or adjusted at the Gene Sequencer at the Space Anomaly to create never-before-seen creatures.

In addition to all of these pet-related features, the Companions update brings some quick keys for keyboard and mouse users to select dialogue options, improved loading times for the PS4, and a host of bug fixes. The full patch notes are on the landing page, while a trailer for the update and a gallery of images are just below.


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The only thing I’m a bit miffed is that we got creature customization but still haven’t got ship customization; I’m not exactly fond of having to discard the old ship and buy a new one if I want a mere paint job.

Nice update, though.

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This update looks incredible! May have to wait a bit until I have more time but I definitely want to play around with these features.

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The way they’ve continued to support, expand, and improve the game without additional monetization is impressive. I know it’s a small team, but they must have made a bloody mint to be able to continue funding development this long.

Dug From The Earth

despite how much they made, its clear that this is a game driven by passion, not profit.

If only many of the other “duds” that sold well at release could follow suit. Unfortunately, most of those are run by people who are driven by profit, and supporting a game thats already been sold, means losing some of that profit.

(games set up as a live service, set to continually earn a profit, have no excuse… im looking at you Anthem and Marvel Avengers.)


“Driven by passion, not profit” is a slogan I’d use on a shirt.
Honestly it is a guideline I wish we would encounter more often in life, not only in such a niche corner as computer games, but everywhere else. Imagine kitchen tools not made to be replaced often to increase profit of the manufacturer, but made to last a life time and be usable, electronic devices not having built-in obsolescence like placing capacitors in the warmest part of the enclosure so they fail more quickly, cars not crammed full with useless stuff that increases weight and failure rates but instead being built to last.
Well, it won’t happen. Our western society is trained for decades to run behind the carrot on a stick, wanting more cheap useless stuff that gets thrown away quickly so there is room for the next BS. Or, to coin it with the words of a comedian: people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need to impress others they don’t like. Look at how, after a long trail of failure experiences, gamers still fall prey to every hype train for the next “big” thing again and again.

That went a long way from Hello Games, but there you go.

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Tobasco da Gama

The Atlas got all glitched out at the end of the trailer. That’s got to be a hint about what else the game has in store for this year. A new story quest would be incredible.


This game is the only Survival Genre game that I have truly enjoyed and gotten into. The developers have shown that they truly love their game and respect their customers.

At this stage, I really want them to do a paid DLC so I can support the developers with some additional money. :)