Old School RuneScape’s eighth anniversary has monkeys, RuneScape has double XP this weekend

Yeah, that makes sense.

You know the saying “more fun that a barrel full of monkeys”? Well that seems to be taken rather literally by Old School RuneScape, which is marking its eighth anniversary with a quest that’s chock-full of monkey business and monkey-themed rewards, so presumably players will be putting the truth of that turn of phrase to the proof.

Specifically, the latest update brings a quest where players must clear out monkeys from the town of Lumbridge after they take over. Completing the quest will bring a Cursed Banana item, while subscribers will also get a Banana Cape that has a special emote. In addition to the potassium-filled eighth anniversary quest, the latest update has added the Wild Varrock Last Man Standing map, which also brings a variety of new items and changes to the game mode.

Over in RuneScape, the weekly newsletter has word on another double XP weekend that’s kicking off this Friday that will once again include a Pause Timer, a list of previous Yak Track items that are now in the Oddments Store, and a weekly patch full of a variety of fixes.


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