TERA’s first console battle pass arrives with its latest patch


The latest patch for TERA on consoles is not just about the game’s new battle pass, but that is definitely the central feature on display. Level up your battle pass by performing activities in the game, and unlock such rewards as a new mount, a new costume, new cosmetic items, and various useful in-game rewards. You’ll have a different daily mission to undertake each day, but you can use gold to swap to a new daily objective if you don’t like the one you’re randomly given.

There’s more to the patch than just the battle pass, though. In addition to the new dungeon Resurrected Manaya’s Core, players can re-enter Demokron Factory and Sky Cruiser Endeavor, both of which are being opened once more. There’s also a new set of Dreadspire rewards, a dungeon rebalance, and new level 65 quests to undertake. So even if you’re not fully on board for the battle pass, the patch is something to celebrate for console players.


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Does this game actually release content?

Eric Gray Jr.

It seriously depends if it’s an obvious cash grab or not. I’ll have to check this out later, but I kinda hold it to a higher standard set by pso2 jpn.

In that game, you don’t have to go outta your way to do something random to pop the checker. It’s all in your daily routine and dealing with an ongoing campaign, which gives even more freebies.

Sure there’s a free section and a gold section that premium members unlock automatically when they get the checkpoint, but most of the time; the ongoing campaigns give out currency that unlocks the entire gold pass season to a free2player.

Unless your tempted by costume gachas, your able to unlock the gold season pass in a less than a week of playing.

THAT is my benchmark for season passes from now on. Let’s hope Tera comes close to that. Doubt it tho, lol.


Pass on the Battle Pass