Texas snowstorm delays Blade and Soul’s next update


A lot of the staff here at Massively OP were chatting and complaining about the massive snowstorm that dumped a whole lot of snow and ice all over the country earlier this week. And while it’s been a headache for many, it’s also triggered a “snow day” for Blade and Soul.

NCsoft announced that its Texas-based studio was impacted so greatly by the storm that it’s had to delay Blade and Soul’s Eternal Blade update, moving it from today to February 24th: “While our game service remains mostly unaffected, the rolling blackouts prevent our Server Operations team from securely deploying the necessary builds and files for the update.”

The delay won’t stop you from reading the patch notes, however. Eternal Blade is adding the Spectral Shrine solo dungeon, a “Soulmate” event (with chocolate hearts!), and an increase of the unity system from level 180 to 210.

“Spectral Shrine is a new solo dungeon that is available for players level 60 HM 24 or higher,” said the studio. “Easy (duo), normal (solo), and hard (solo) modes are available.”


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The big irony is that apparently lasting blackouts blackouts only happened because Texas intentionally keeps its power grid disconnected from the rest of the country in order to avoid having to follow federal regulations, so Texas can’t import energy when its own power generation fails. And due to lack of regulation power generation companies in the state aren’t required to winterize their operations, so most of them chose to not spend the extra 5% or so that would guarantee they would still be able to generate power under freezing temperatures.

In fact, parts of Texas that don’t use the state’s power grid have been largely, if not completely, unaffected by the blackouts.

Dagget Burmese

Yeah, the Winter event here in Texas is not a joke. 1/3 of Austin still w/o power, I got mine on today9Wed) after 2 days of none and 6″ snow that has yet to melt. Austin-based game studios will have some issues atm.


Wow I had no idea they were in Texas. For anyone who reads this and thinks it sounds a bit ridiculous that weather could delay a launch let me tell you what we’re dealing with in Texas right now is no joke. You have to understand that in Texas it’s RARE to have a snow/ice event. It happens maybe once every 5 years, and this one set all kinds of records for low temperatures to boot. I believe the high on one day was lower than the record low which was recorded like 100 years ago… so when you hear the word ‘unprecedented’ thrown around they aren’t kidding. Anyway, this time of year is normally in the 40’s with maybe dipping just below freezing at night a handful of nights. Temperatures of 0 degrees fahrenheit are unheard of here except maybe in the panhandle… maybe.

So… point is, we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with this cold and ice. We don’t have the salt trucks for the roads, and our houses aren’t built for it. A LOT of houses use what is called a heat pump which is basically an AC unit that runs in reverse to generate heat. These are super efficient for HOT weather (which we get plenty of) but start to struggle below 40 degrees because the way they generate heat is they move heat from the outside to the inside. Well, when it’s 0 degrees outside there is no heat to move inside. That’s when they go into ’emergency mode’ which basically works like the heating coil in an electric oven. It works but it’s hugely inefficient, so it uses a TON of electricity.

Now add to all that huge demand just placed on the electrical grid the fact all of our wind turbines just froze up. See the problem? That’s why the entire state is facing rolling blackouts. By ‘rolling blackouts’ I mean 20 minutes on followed by 40 minutes off… and they don’t give you any sort of warning of when on/off is coming for you.

Now, try to push code for a new release of your game over your VPN in the middle of that to your servers.

Hopefully that will better explain the delay to anyone that doesn’t understand.


First costume piece in the Founder’s Pack was a cowboy hat…

…now I know why. >.<

PS: I get ya. Winterpeg…I mean, Winnipeg, Manitoba is always prepared bouts of horrific bouts of Canadian winter. Dallas, Texas by virtue of been so much further South as to be a day's drive or so from the Gulf of Mexico, is simply not. :(

Bryan Correll

Here (central North Carolina) we usually get a couple nasty winter storms a year and people absolutely lose their minds. At the first forecast of a couple inches of snow there’s a run on grocery stores where, for some reason, people buy up all the bread and milk. Why bread and milk? Beats the hell outta me.
Can’t imagine what it’s like for those Texans who’ve never seen the stuff outside movies.

Sarnaut Explorer

Our joke here in East TN is those runs are for coveted milk sandwiches.