Allods Online opens up pre-orders for collector’s editions of its upcoming Desert Dreams update

I am very amusing.

Why wait for an update to arrive when you can pre-order a collector’s edition of an update before it even lands? This is the honest-to-goodness thinking of Allods Online, which has taken the bold step of offering up CE’s of the game’s next update.

These editions come in two varieties and offer a number of goodies like sealed packs, assistants, costumes, and 30 days of subscription time depending on which edition is bought. Each of these CE’s will set players back €7.99 and €19.99 (about $9.50 and $24 USD) respectively, while players can get both editions for €24.99 ($30 USD).

Allods Online continues to rumble along in 2021, with the most notable news from the MMORPG being a new server’s opening and winter events. Before then, recent updates have been about item sales and in-game events.


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Sarnaut Explorer

To be honest, they always have collectors editions come out with each mild update to go along with the theme. They are a means of selling items for real cash only considering the main f2p server has a currency conversion vendor. They do it on the website to avoid that and allow (read sell) p2p accounts exclusive cosmetics that are unavailable elsewhere. The tiny player base pays for it thus they keep doing it.

Bruno Brito

I never understood why Allods of all games just doesn’t have a classic x1 server. Considering the absolute state of neglect that the retail version is, you would think anything other than pure cashgrabby servers would spawn.

Sarnaut Explorer

Probably why they open a new f2p server every couple of years. A “fresh start” that never gets enough traction and gets merged in with the standing single f2p server. This time it even had rewards for server firsts to drive interest. They are putting in minimal effort to just pick up a couple more whales. Meanwhile, the only mention of the p2p server happens on the forums or the discord channel.