Elder Scrolls Online’s Tribunal Celebration fêtes Morrowind with bonuses and sales next week

I’ma let you finish, but Morrowind is the best thing in the Elder Scrolls franchise. If you agree, you’ll want to point your eyeballs at The Elder Scrolls Online next week as the game kicks off what it calls the Tribunal Celebration, which sends players back into Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City itself. Starting February 25th and running through March 9th, the event doubles reward boxes from dailies and weeklies and boosts harvesting and boss loot. Plus:

“Public dungeon and world bosses have a chance to drop a tradeable NEW style page for the new Doctrine Ordinator outfit style. The final boss in both the Asylum Sanctorum and Halls of Fabrication have a guaranteed chance to drop a tradeable style page for the new Doctrine Ordinator outfit style.”

The relevant DLC and collector bundles for the region will also be on sale in-game for 50% off. Definitely check out the entire run-down on the official site because per tradition ESO’s events are filled with trinkets and tickets that need some finessing to get the most out of them.


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The DLC sales are always worth waiting for as it is a really cheap way to pick up some content for a really good price.

Dungeon DLCs are ok. But the real treat is when the zone DLCs are on sale. ;)

Mostly for non-subscription (or future non-subscription) players as subscription players have all DLC available as part of the subscription.

(See what I did there; I did not call it F2P! Happy now?)