Final Fantasy XI kicks off a discount and its return home campaign once again

Contains some monsters.

If you haven’t been back to Final Fantasy XI for a while, the game wants you back. It misses you. If you’ve never been to FFXI, the game wants you to try it out. It already likes you. That’s the big takeaway from the game’s two major campaigns running right now, although the discount campaign is… well, it’s not really a campaign so much as a sale. You can get the game very cheap, you can get the last expansion pack very cheap, and you can even get server transfers cheap if you want to join your friends.

Speaking of your friends, the Return Home campaign is also running, and that involves actually returning to see your friends again. Players whose characters have been inactive since at least February 16th if not earlier can log in and play for free until March 1st, giving them a chance to see how much Vana’diel has changed over time. And if that makes you want to head back to the game… did we mention all of the discounts?

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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