Magic Legends’ loadouts makes build swapping a breeze

I didn't say zorp.

One of the fun aspects of collectable card games like Magic: The Gathering is constantly experimenting with different decks and configurations to see if there’s a better build to help you dominate. The spirit of this experimental style is being carried over to Magic Legends, not just with the choice of cards themselves, but with the loadouts feature.

In a new dev blog, Cryptic explained how loadouts will let you create and save a specific build that can be swapped relatively easily. Loadouts are made up of class abilities and traits, spell decks, equipment, and artifacts.

“An added convenience of loadouts is that you can have more than one so that you can easily swap between them if you want to change up your playstyle or play with different groups of players,” said the studio.

Magic Legends is heading into open beta next month on March 23rd.


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