Naoki Yoshida discusses the Island Sanctuary and content length for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker


The next major reveal of information about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker isn’t going to happen until May, but producer and director Naoki Yoshida has been on the interview circuit and has been talking more about features players learned from the expansion reveal. For example, in an interview with Fanbyte Media, Yoshida mentioned that the Island Sanctuary came out of a repeated request from players to have minions running around while gardening and a desire to see if there was a way to make that into an actual new sort of content to enjoy.

Yoshida also talked about the length of the main scenario planned for Endwalker, which he said should easily sit at more than 50 hours worth of content. He also noted that the end of the main “saga” that has occupied the game’s story since the launch of 2.0 may see a change to more self-contained and smaller stories, but the team’s current focus is entirely on finishing this story in a satisfying and appropriately epic fashion.

Source: Fanbyte, Gamespot

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I wonder if the Island Sanctuary content will be similar to the Mog Garden in XI.

Also, I gotta admit, the idea of the game shifting to smaller stories after the conclusion of the main one with Endwalker is incredibly exciting too. I love the idea of having sort of “epilogue” storylines that are smaller in scope rather than a newer, bigger threat every 2 years.


Totally agree. One of the biggest challenges with these epics, particularly when tied to a live service game, is acknowledging when the story is told. Very glad to hear it sounds like they’re committed to sticking the landing

Knight Porter

Agreed. We need to scale back the plot-power-creep before things get out of hand. The WOL is already a *terrifyingly* powerful entity, and that’s not just extrapolation, but actually been acknowledged in plot in a few places. Edgewalker’s gonna need some kind of dramatic sacrifice of that power to bring the main character back to mortal levels.