Shadow Arena makes adjustments to existing members of its roster as player numbers continue to fall


Adding new members to the roster of Shadow Arena is all well and good, sure, but sometimes you need to turn around and make changes to the existing cast of characters. That appears to be the line of thinking for the game’s recent updates, as several of the game’s existing heroes are seeing some changes.

In an update from yesterday, the ninja Sura and the twin characters Ba-Ri and Heilang have returned to the roster, while Badal the Golden, Igrid, and Lahn have gotten some renewals over the course of the month according to the latest press release. The update notes also provide some details for other character adjustments made to Yeonhwa and Goyen, while an update released today has made some adjustments to Ba-ri and Sura.

Readers will recall that Shadow Arena made what it called “dramatic” adjustments to its overall formula in a January update, replacing the 40-person battle royale with a 3v3 arena. All of these changes don’t appear to have put a halt to a hemorrhaging playerbase, as the latest concurrency numbers show 39 players in-game in the last 24-hour peak and a 64% dip in player counts overall in January 2021.

sources: press release, Steam (1, 2), Steam Charts
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