Wild Terra 2 reveals its roadmap for 2021 including combat improvements, auctions, and quests


The Wild Terra 2 team is still hard at work improving the game in early access, and that starts with developing a plan for the next few months. But the team hasn’t just made plans for the next months; instead, there’s a full roadmap planned for 2021 as a whole, with major updates planned in spring, summer, and autumn. Obviously the plans for spring are the most developed at this time, but there are plans even stretching into the later part of the year.

Spring will see the first stages of improvements to combat, the option to select dungeon difficulties when going into dungeons, and improvements to both cooking and fishing. Summer, meanwhile, will see the introduction of auction blocks and new bonuses for passive skills, and autumn will see the addition of NPC quests and the first “season” with unexplored biomes. Check out the full roadmap to get an idea of what’s coming for the game within the next year. Like any roadmap, it’s subject to change, but it’s still an ambitious plan.

Source: Steam
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