EVE Online will add fleet formations and Marauder adjustments in upcoming updates


There’s more coming to EVE Online now that the Reign quadrant is well underway. Specifically, a couple of updates that have been previewed that will change a few things for Marauder pilots and folks that work in fleets.

First, the Bastions of War update will make Marauders hit a bit harder thanks to the ability to equip a Bastion module that will double the fire rate for all large weapons while it’s active. In addition, the update will increase the Bastion module’s duration to 90 seconds and will also make changes to Interdictors and Stasis Webification Probes. This new update is currently available on the Singularity test server.

Next, the ability for fleets to arrive in formation is on the way, letting fleets of ships arrive in Point, Sphere, Arrow, Wall, and Plane formations as well as a Relative option that snapshots each ship’s relative position before warp and has them arriving in that same position at their destination. This new feature will reportedly “be used to influence fleet behavior,” though how that actually works isn’t elaborated upon.

Finally, the January monthly econ report is available, and our good friend over at The Ancient Gaming Noob has a full breakdown for players to dig in to.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), The Ancient Gaming Noob

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