Guild Wars 2 seeks the roller beetle champions of the world – qualifiers are this weekend and next


There are two types of Guild Wars 2 players: Those who stop to smell (and loot) the roses, and those who experience the game at the speed of light on the back of a roller beetle. To those who are expert pilots of these speedy bugs, the World Beetle Championship League calls.

“The Beetle Champions League is bringing together racers—and beetles—from North America and Europe to compete in the first World Cup,” ArenaNet said. “You could win rare and valuable prizes, and your beetle will be so proud of you. It’ll probably even do its little dance.”

Qualifiers are going on this weekend and next. In North America, they’re running at 5 p.m. EST on February 20th (today) and 28th, while Europeans , will qualify at events starting at 1 p.m. EST February 21st (tomorrow) and 27th.

Regional finals taking place in early March on a “custom-built guild hall track.” The World Cup final will take place on March 20th. Winners can secure prizes at all three tiers of this event, including gems, gear, and infusions.

Source: Guild Wars 2
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