Runes of Magic announces two new servers coming to the game

Service service

These days it seems like most of the news about servers in any MMO is about merges or closures. So it’s nice to know that Runes of Magic isn’t doing any of that. Indeed, the latest server news from the game states that it’s actually adding two new servers, meaning that you can start your adventure on a totally fresh environment if you so desire.

No dates have yet been announced, but the servers in question will consist of one German-language server and one international server for everyone to enjoy. This may be slightly worse news if you don’t understand German, but it’s still a sign that servers are doing well on the game and don’t appear to be in urgent need of any merging.


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Jack Pipsam

That’s pretty neat.

Scorp Gang

No one cares it literaly introduced most of us the Phrase: Pay to win


I am surprised to see this game is still being alive, and I struggle to get the reason why.


Sunk cost fallacy probably. Some poor souls likely got suckered into paying to win early on and now feel like they can’t stop without losing their “investment”.