Neverwinter offers a preview of the upcoming Vault of Stars dungeon


Just one time, just one time, I’d like to open up a vault in an MMORPG and be greeted with gobs of riches or loads of food or a bunch of kittens to cuddle. Alas, opening up the Vault of Stars in Neverwinter will yield no such things, but it will yield a bunch of interesting-looking challenges, which is alright I suppose.

The mission: Enter the Gloaming Court’s Vault of Stars in search for a powerful artifact known as the Night Diamond that could be the key to stopping the hag menace in its tracks. Naturally, entering the Vault will be no simple feat, as players will face off against boss fights, a darkness-covered forest, and the Maze of Shadows in order to get to the Queen of Air and Darkness herself.

In addition, the preview post ends with hints of three hidden areas in the Gloaming Court that lead to fights against three failed experiments, which promises to house “the pieces to something of immense power,” though it reads like these barriers will be locked for a bit of time.

For now, Neverwinter fans can get the full peek at this new encounter ahead of its full release on PC this coming Tuesday, March 2nd.


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