Shroud of the Avatar is introducing another revamp to food and drink buffs in Release 87


Cast your minds back to September of last year, when Shroud of the Avatar announced plans to change the way food and drink buffs apply. That context will be key when you look over the game’s most recent newsletter, which has provided details of even further food and drink overhauls arriving with Release 87.

In very general terms, these updates will bring more standardized buff durations and regen rates for food items based on the slots they occupy, leaving players to consider the unique stats food items provide when choosing their next digital meal. In addition, food items will be removed from merchants and loot tables, meaning players who want to keep their Avatar’s bellies full will need to reach out to crafters. This excludes starter foods, which have also seen a buff to their effectiveness.

There’s even more generalized updates arriving with R87: Food and drink items for crafters and gatherers will be expanded upon, with some new buffs for a number of recipes; Fishy Nibblers pet food will be getting an adjustment, adding 250 health to a pet; new utility foods are being added that increase carry capacity or apply boosts to skill learning; the devs will be paying attention to scarcity of items and recipes; and finally, Release 88 will introduce 23 new food recipes that are meant to fill holes in the food buff system.

There’s a lot to chew on so digest all of the information in the newsletter for more. Sadly, there’s not much eye candy.


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