Genshin Impact will reportedly get a crossover promotion with KFC in China


KFC has its fingers in a lot of weird things, whether it’s visual novels, gaming PC creation, or attempts to hawk its product via cheesy romance dramas. Now, we have word that the game is apparently going to have some cross-promotion with the RPG Genshin Impact.

This promotion, which was first leaked on Twitter, will apparently feature a special KFC bucket with Diluc and a code for a unique wing skin colored in KFC’s trademark red and white striping. The promotional standee also has Noelle and Diluc in unique KFC outfits, but these don’t appear to be character skins so much as simply promotional artwork; Genshin Impact is yet to sell character skins (though those would probably sell like hotcakes).

This cross-brand promotion appears to be Chinese only and will run on March 8th, judging by the standee photo. It’s unclear whether KFC will be offering a similar promotion here in the States, but as was proven in the lede to this story, the brand has most assuredly pulled stranger stunts.

source: Twitter via Forbes

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Always joked about KFC being in Genshin Impact.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

Not hard to see why, both brands love excellent thighs.

Captain Blood

There’s apparently been a few with other games too. Also, it isn’t unusual in asia to get music promotions with KFC either, amongst other weird stuff:

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