Osiris: New Dawn has added new AI, better mechs, ruins, robot companions, and a new planet


It’s been quite some time since we had a look back at Osiris: New Dawn. The last time we peeked in on this early access survival title, it was going in on its survival mechanics, prompting our own Survivalist MJ to take a peek herself. That was in December; a lot has been added since then.

Another update in December introduced some overall improvements to AI and gameplay, along with some new creatures, crash site persistence, and a number of creature behaviors like hearing and vision cones for players who liked to stealth around foes. After that, an update in January overhauled mechs, introduced ruins for players to discover, and added harvestable lost drones.

More recently, the Frozen Worlds update has introduced a whole slew of new things including combat drone and mining drone companions, a cloud data save system, seamless travel into space, the new moon of Lutari that happens to be home to a new creature and new harvestable item, and restorations and improvements to the moon of Aziel among other things.

Finally, developer Fenix Fire Entertainment has decided to self-publish Osiris: New Dawn, stating that the devs believe “100% in [their] project and the community [they’ve] built over the years.”

With that all said, the game’s Steam reviews sit at “Mixed” overall and “Mostly Negative” in recent reviews. Still, it certainly seems like development of this one is trundling forward.

source: Steam (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), cheers Kinya!
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