Preserving Worlds documentary chronicles the histories and communities of ancient MMOs


While most of the writers at MOP support online games preservation through responsible methods, the ideal situation would be the ability to visit shutdown MMOs at will – but experiencing them vicariously through others can be just as good. That’s why we’re casting a spotlight on Preserving Worlds, a new series that premiered on Means TV that is all about marking the history, community, and preservation of long-dead online worlds from the past 40 years.

“Virtual worlds are delicate things and they can vanish with hardly a trace. You can archive the offline software, but a dead world can only tell you so much. It’s just as important to document how people spent their time within it.”

Preserving Worlds promises a travelogue of these online worlds as well as a highlight of the work of fans who are trying to keep their beloved games and communities alive. The series has so far touched on classic titles like Myst Online, NeoHabitat, ZZT, Worlds Chat, and Second Life. You know, games you’ve likely seen covered in our very own Game Archaeologist!

All of the episodes are available for free on Means TV, with bonus content available to those who have a subscription to the website. Additionally, the series’ first five episodes can also be viewed on YouTube, and we’ve got the introductory episode embedded below.

sources: Preserving Worlds website, Means TV, YouTube, cheers Zeph!
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