Albion Online invites players to give a field test for the new Faction Warfare update


The next major update for Albion Online is going to involve some pretty major changes to faction warfare, and those changes are best tested by actual players to see how well they work. That’s why the development team is inviting players to a live playtest of the upcoming revisions on the game’s test server on February 26th, with players copying over their live characters, choosing between the Fort Sterling and Thetford factions, and then taking part in the skirmishes to see how the new system works out.

Worth noting is that you will definitely want to bring over your live character, as there will be no sort of accelerated advancement for test characters. Players who participate will get a first look at the system and be asked for feedback, so be sure to go in expecting to test rather than just to screw around. Still, if you’ve been eagerly looking forward to trying out the revisions discussed, get your staging client ready before Friday.


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