Blizzard is definitely working on a Warcraft mobile game, studio artist says


2020’s deficiencies have continued to spill into 2021, so we’ll let it slide if you’ve forgotten that just two and a half weeks ago, Activision reps said the Warcraft franchise would be expanding to “more platforms than ever before” and then didn’t mention it again the whole call. At the time, we wondered along with our commenters whether this meant some sort of “Warcraft Immortal” title or something new, but since Blizzard’s investor calls and hiring pages have been hinting about this since at least 2017, there’s not much to get worked up over.

But now, the existence of a Warcraft mobile title has now been confirmed by Blizzard 3-D artist Clayton Chod, who just… tweeted it out. “We are indeed working on a Warcraft Mobile game,” he wrote in a tweet advertising a job on the game’s environment art team. “I’ve actually been working on this game for most of my time at Blizzard and it really is an amazing team!”

Worth noting is that Blizzard has taken down the listing already, but the tweet remains. It’s also worth noting that he says a “Warcraft” mobile game, not a “WoW” one, making it as likely to be something based in the strategy realm as the RPG or MMO realm. Let the speculation begin!


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Worldofwarcraft Mage

Don’t you guys have phones?


As said below. Why the fuck aren’t pet battles a mobile thing?


And I definitely won’t be touching it.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Wont touch the blasted thing when it releases. I want a AAA title that i can buy and own on my PC/Console and not have to be nickel and dimed to death.


Of course, you all have PHONES, don’t you?

Lucky Jinx

That’s great, but I won’t be playing one, thanks bye.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


Dug From The Earth

Id play the WoW mini pet battles on a phone, or something just as simple. Needs to be pretty dumbed down as phone controls are awful, and the screen is too tiny to have a complex UI.


Retail WoW has already been moving more and more towards being like a mobile game, so no surprise there. I’m sure they’ll earn plenty of money since that market seems to be profitable, but for many like myself, it’s pretty disheartening since mobile games almost entirely terrible for a number of reasons and it’s a further move from the type of games I have enjoyed from this company.

Sarah Cushaway

Hard pass. I don’t play games on phones.