Netmarble releases global edition of Blade & Soul Revolution mobile MMO next week


March 4th is going to be an interesting day for mobile fans here in the west as Netmarble is officially dropping the global edition of Blade & Soul Revolution on both Android and iOS. There are several Blade & Soul spinoffs in development of late, so the key note here is that this one actually is an intentional attempt to “[translate] the breathtaking cinematic stories of revenge from the PC online game Blade & Soul into a cohesive and authentic mobile experience” in the form of an open-world RPG.

“The game will feature five professions at launch – Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner,” Netmarble says. “The game stays true to its PC roots with a high level of full 3D graphics and large-scale content that has been revamped to perform flawlessly on mobile devices. It displays an eastern-inspired fantasy world with stunning full 3D graphics backed by the Unreal Engine 4, offering massive real-time faction battle and incomparable hands-on action experience.”

The studio is promising “modifications” to suit western sensibilities, including an overhaul of the stamina system. Players who pre-register between now and the launch can still pick up currency and a premium pet.

Source: Press release, official site

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