Temtem studio admits the game’s roadmap ‘doesn’t match reality anymore’


Remember a year ago when Temtem put out a couple of ambitious roadmaps for 2020 and 2021? That was in February, before anyone knew… well, what 2020 was going to wind up looking like for most of the year. And that’s the central point of the latest dispatch from the development team, which admits that while the team is still committed to getting everything in those roadmaps into the game, it’s not happening at the speed that was expected. And at this point, that’s just going to have to be all right.

Essentially the letter serves as something of an apology while also making it clear that the team is fully committed to improving the game, making updates that are necessary while still moving more slowly than originally planned to roll out features like further islands. “[W]hile we’ve always stressed the fact that the roadmap was not set in stone, it certainly doesn’t match reality anymore,” Crema writes.

The team’s roadmap is thus remaining internal for the moment, simply because there’s a certain amount of uncertainty with the pace of bringing things out. Fortunately, the responses on Twitter have been positive thus far, showing that fans understand the burden the developers are under to get things like the upcoming Cipanku just right before release. It’s worth noting that while 2020 did see delays for Temtem’s content rollout, Crema did manage to announce and deliver a next-gen rollout on the PlayStation 5 in December.


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Meh, not the end of the world. They’ve put in a lot of content as-is and it feels/looks great so far. I’m way more willing to give leeway to early access games when the devs have actually made a good base game and have shown that they can put out quality content.

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Understandable. I’d like this game to be as good as possible. It’s a shame it hasn’t clicked with people as well as it could have.

I think part of that issue is due to varying TemTem design and their failure to grab people’s attention. Among other issues, it goes to show how much of a hold Pokemon has on the genre in comparison to the competition.

Corey Bryant

I bought the game after launch on Steam and played it for about 2 months and liked what I played, but at that point I had some gripes:

-Cosmetics were ridiculously expensive to the point of infeasibility. I understand that the cosmetics are supposed to be more “later game” content but I feel that’s a bad design choice.

-Random battles are too grindy and samey after the initial novelty wears off

-Dojo’s aren’t challenging or exciting.

-The community and developer both seem to heavily focus on breeding and luma Tems when as for me, a really casual player who just likes the experience of running around and fighting and not optimizing my Tem as if they’re gear builds from Dark Souls. I feel most of the people who would play TemTem won’t actually care about stats, breeding, or grinding for a Luma tem, so the focused addition of the SaiPark really dissuaded me from trying the game further, seeing the direction it was moving.

-MONEY IS FAR TOO SCARCE. And I know this is still yet an issue.

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