Diablo III puts follower revamps and gear set changes on PTS tomorrow


While most fans are likely still thinking about the future (or the remastered past) of the franchise, Diablo III is still doing its thing, and the latest thing it’s doing will be arriving to the game’s PTS tomorrow, February 25th, with a testing focus on a follower system revamp, solo leaderboard tweaks, and some gear set balance adjustments.

First, followers will be able to equip up to 14 different types of gear, including helms, belts, and boots, while a new Emanate feature transmits the effects of certain legendary powers and set bonuses equipped on the follower to the player’s character. There’s also been a revamp of a variety of follower skills, and followers will be available for seasonal and non-seasonal play.

As for gear sets, Firebird Finery for Wizards, Bones of Rathma for Necromancers, and Gears of Dreadlands for Demon Hunters are seeing a number of adjustments, primarily on the buff side for the Wizard and Necromancer sets and a nerf for the Demon Hunter set. Finally, Greater Rift solo leaderboards now contain additional filters to sort by, bringing seven total filters available by class.

Those who are curious about the specific updates and adjustments can read up the PTR patch notes for more.


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This is unexpected, i thought Diablo 3 is done, just make seasons until Diablo 4 is released, anyway, this will allow players to make a variety of builds, use some legendary powers and sets that they can’t use now because they have to use other powers.

Hirku Two

I really like those follower changes!


Guy in the middle is pretty busy, i just saw him in the news about DDO.


Well he is a two timing scoundrel!