Albion Online launches the Call to Arms update on March 17

Not riding a shark, but still riding a shark.

It’s time for a new level of faction warfare in Albion Online when the Call to Arms update releases on March 17th. In addition to the new “lawless” Caerleon faction, the update will bring with it a variety of changes and improvements to faction warfare and faction ranking, as well as introducing new elite faction mounts and a new usable faction ability only enabled while flagged as supporting your faction of choice. In other words, everyone will have good reason to be fighting everybody else.

Everyone will also have opportunity to fight other targets, as the update also brings with it new changes to the game’s Hellgates with new layouts and enemies. There are also new PvP Hellgates and new bandit invasions to encourage players to fight side-by-side after fighting face-to-face. All of this is coming with the update on March 17th, so get ready to answer the call to battle. We’re sure you’ll find one reason or another for doing so.

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