Camelot Unchained is working on RvR3, alchemy, and the Verdant Forest in its next 90-day plan


Just over a year ago, Camelot Unchained studio City State Entertainment raised eyebrows with the reveal that it had taken on additional outside investment to build a second game, the co-op horde-mode Final Stand: Ragnarok, which uses the CU engine. At the same time, CSE put Camelot Unchained itself on a 90-day plan cadence, which is to say, the studio issued a new plan for the game roughly every 90 days in an effort to keep players apprised of what was going on with the game’s development. We got those plans in February and May/June, though following that, the updates didn’t specifically refer to the plans.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that the 90-day plans are fully back on track now, as CSE has just released the latest, which covers February through April 2021, during its afternoon stream today.

Notably, this latest plan homes in on 0.1.0 Verdant Forest, a core zone for RvR planned for launch. A large part of it’s done already, but the goal is to have it fully playable for backers. The studio is also working on a fog system both for ambiance and as an effect for player abilities, plus new and updated races (including Giants), the latest iteration of its realm-vs.-realm PvP called RvR3 and another of its zones, Golden Plains. A major crafting update with the alchemy system and a prototype of the cooking system is also en route. There’s gobs more, including tech improvements, which you can preview for yourself in the studio’s stream.

Source: Twitch
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