Dual Universe previews upcoming biome improvements and new building tools


The next update due to arrive in Dual Universe isn’t only about adding wallets and missions, it’s also about improving biome visuals and adding some new voxel tools. Among the upcoming graphical improvements are better looking trees, better ground textures, new rocks, and new lighting tech.

As for the voxel tools, players can now get more creative with the addition of cone shapes and make use of a line tool to select an area using the available shapes and press the alt key to delete the selection — perfect for the person who realizes about halfway into the build that they didn’t count the number of boxes needed to connect two sides together right. Which is me, that person is me. You can check out a couple of video previews of these new tools after the cut.


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Francis Baud

Looking good!

image (51).png

That looks pretty good, especially the vegetation – the density of the grass, the color palette used for vegetation. And lighting also looks good. They seem to be one of the few developers who understand the major importance of attractive outdoor environments, just like the developers of Valheim.


Pretty cool what this engine can do. Pity about it being a FFA gankbox, otherwise this could be my game.


Personally I’ll just have to stick with Space Engineers. As long as the devs there can restrain themselves from doing something massively stupid… again. Such as adding support for a third party mod sharing site… then setting up the TOS so that the game locked you out of using blueprints and projector blocks if you rejected the TOS and mandatory account creation for the third party site. No, that doesn’t feel coercive *at all.*