EVE Online’s new ‘expert systems’ are, uh, not winning over the community

Big ego.

EVE Online has some… interesting news updates to share this week, starting off with Tuesday’s release of the Bastions of War update, which has applied a wide variety of ship adjustments including buffs to the Marauders’ Bastion module, the Vargur’s large projectile rate of fire, and the Kronos’ capacitor capacity; a reduced capacitor need for large turrets for the Paladin; and a number of nerfs to heavy assault cruisers.

Second, a bug allowing capital Dreadnought ships to cloak when using abyssal siege module that players have discovered is officially being called an exploit. CCP Games is asking players not to take advantage of this bug while a fix is in the works.

But the big news today is that the company has announced it plans to introduce Expert Systems, which are consumable items that let new players “taste the dream of a particular profession in EVE without having to commit to the skill training required by that path of progression and waiting for it to complete.” These items effectively grant fresh Capsuleers the necessary skills to perform certain tasks like at a high level for a limited amount of time – for a fee. Expert Systems are coming to the store soon, and will focus on exploration, mining, and the “magic 14” core skills required for operating ships in EVE.

The EVE community on Reddit is very much displeased with the announcement, arguing that while the game needs to improve new-player retention, expert systems is just an annoying monetization scheme that preys on noobs. “Instead of actually telling newer players the set of skills that are actually useful and worthwhile trains to get your character up to a somewhat functional point, they are going to make you pay plex to get the skills temporarily and make them available to be applied like a skillplan to your training queue,” the top Reddit thread on the topic says. “Nothing pisses me off more than trying to monetize new players via your shitty NPE because instead of again just explaining this, you are going to make them pay for it.” Players are likewise pointing to Pearl Abyss’ recent financial report and suggesting CCP Games is attempting to make up for a weak quarter.

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So if I understand this… they designed a system that has serious problems. And then rather than fix the problems, they’re selling a way to temporarily remove the problem? But only as long as you keep throwing money at it?


Well that´s Pearl Abyss for you I knew that once CCP sold them sell to a Korean company I knew EVE would slow spiral down the shitter and then when not making enugh money becuse it´s a rely niche game for a select type of people pearl abyss will pul the plug on the game.

monetization on shit like this to exploit new player and make them pay to rent skills just goes to show that EVE online is not making enugh money and if this keeps up well Good night eve online.

Asian companies has such different type of market than we have: Where in mobile games are way more popular. Their take on loot boxes is fine becuse it sell and make them money. They just call them lootboxes instead they call them Gacha pon or Scratch tickets or some other stupid shit.

This is the reason why I been more and more put of from Korean/japanese mmos becuse it will full of gacha pon or scratch and sniff tickets or made in to a shitty sequel on mobile.


This has Pearl Abyss written all over it in terms of monetization.


Ever since Pearl Abyss took over, the amount of “daily login rewards” and “skills injection” type items has skyrocketed. It’s really sad to see EVE stoop on that level.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Yeah, this “rent a skill” idea for PLEX seems like a non-starter. It doesn’t improve the new player experience in the slightest and, to me, telling a new player “Oh, you want those basic 14 skills you should have right away? Pay us money!” seems like a good way to make them leave.


Seems exploitable too – making many alts using such items depending on needs

Wilhelm Arcturus

In a game where you can buy characters and skill points already, the rent a skill plan seems pretty far down the list of exploits. And, with a bit of foresight, you can just make an alt, queue up those skills, and train them in the background.