Black Desert has officially transitioned back to Pearl Abyss – and now it’s free-to-grab for two weeks


Black Desert was supposed to be back up last night, but if you stayed up for the Pearl Abyss relaunch, you know that it didn’t go smoothly, with processing and login errors and connection snafus. But early this morning, Pearl Abyss had declared victory, and now, today is expected to be the first full day of the game back completely in Pearl Abyss’ hands alongside its console and mobile brethren, which means it’s time for promos! The game is back on Steam now and will be free-to-grab there and on the official site until March 10th, so if you’ve never played, now is the time to at least get yourself an account.

As compensation for the extra outage on top of the transfer maintenance mode (which comes out to a total of 42 hours of downtime), the studio is granting everyone who’s already transferred as well as new players in the next few days a bundle with a Blessing of Old Moon Pack, Supreme Old Moon Scrolls, and Heartfelt Gift Boxes. “Besides the login issues, we’re currently investigating the additional issues that have been reported so far,” the studio said this morning, presumably referring to the Steam and inventory issues people are bringing up on Twitter. “If you encounter any other kind of issue, we ask that you contact us via Support Center to receive further assistance.”

PA is also running a coupon code – 0225 WE ARE THE ONE – until the same date; the code unlocks an Enhancement Help Kit II, Arcana Fate Box, Black Spirit’s Special Dice Box, and the Together As One title. In fact, the code works on console as well (though you won’t get the Arcana of Fate).

Finally, if you haven’t transferred your account from Kakao yet, you still can, but just know that you have only until May 31st. PA has a video guide to helping you through the process:

Source: Press release, Steam, official site
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