Magic Legends will reward you for playing its March beta


Not trusting solely to the allure of curiosity to rope potential testers into playing Magic Legends’ March 23rd open beta, Cryptic Studio is outright offering a reward package for anyone who picks it up.

Incentives, if you will. Or bribes. The bottom line is, you test, you get free stuff.

Those who jump into the open beta test via Cryptic’s Arc platform next month will receive a bundle of goodies that includes an ogre bruiser skin, a vigilante costume, two drop boosts, and two mission reward boosts. Conversely, those who elect to test the beta through the Epic Game Store will get a different package with a Moorland Ranger costume, a werewolf summon skin, and two drop boosts.

The dev team recently ran a livestream in which they demonstrated how loadouts worked and took fans on a tour of the Beastcaller and Mind Mage classes. Check it out:


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Screw the different perks per platform model.


Two days later and no comments. Not much hype for this one is there…