Old School RuneScape shares an early look at the progress made on its Clans system

Yeah, that makes sense.

Do you want a group of like-minded players to adventure with inĀ Old School RuneScape? Of course you do. For that, you need a clan, and that’s why the newest dispatch on the official site is giving a preview for players of all the progress made on the Clans update. While it’s not quite ready to go live, the developers have been working hard at getting it ready, starting by placing the Clan Hub in the southeast corner of the Grand Exchange where there’s plenty of space and it’s still central.

Formation of a Clan requires at least five people to band together initially, although there is no requirement for all five people to remain with the clan past the initial formation. Once within a clan, permissions for clan actions like recruitment and public messages can be set, ranks can be assigned from a pre-determined list of titles, and new invitations can be gathered and accepted or declined. Check out the full rundown if you’re eager to get your clan moving once the update arrives.


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