Path of Exile previews the bug fixes coming with its next patch


It’s almost time for another round of bug fixes and minor improvements for Path of Exile, but judging by the forum response, we suspect it’s best to get one fact out of the way up front: The upcoming 3.13.1e patch does not contain graphical or performance improvements. That’s apparently a sore point for many players who are frustrated with extant performance issues on both consoles and PCs. But if you’re looking for bug fixes, the next patch certainly has a solid assortment of them!

In addition to a bulky list of fixes like Talismans no longer dropping without anointments and Do Not Disturb status not hiding realm restart messages, there are also quality of life improvements like easier display of remaining Sextant uses and Expand/Collapse All buttons for hideout decorations. Check out the full list of changes in the previewed patch notes; there’s a chance that some of it will change ahead of the patch release next week, but this is the plan.


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