The Elder Scrolls Online previews the Black Drake Villa dungeon from Flames of Ambition


The arrival of the Flames of Ambition DLC forĀ The Elder Scrolls Online means a lot of new stuff, and that includes new dungeons. Black Drake Villa is one such dungeon, but it was supposed to be a simple excursion into the eponymous villa just to retrieve a book from the ruined area’s library. Unfortunately, it turns out that monsters have taken up residence within the ruins and the True-Sworn mercenaries are getting ready to burn the library to the ground, meaning that a simple heist is going to require a full set of dungeoneering antics.

Players will contend with three bosses in the dungeon, with each one sporting its own hard mode for a greater challenge. Of course, players can also get rewards commensurate with the challenge, with three separate gear sets and an assortment of collectible items available within the halls. Check out the full preview ahead of the DLC launch on March 8th for PC players (March 16th for consoles).

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