WRUP: You have $15 to explain why you aren’t a werewolf edition

Not quite a werewolf.

For $1:

  • “Werewolves aren’t real.”
  • “I’m just not.”
  • “Why are you asking me this?”
  • “Already a vampire.”
  • “Mange.”

For $3:

  • “Werewolves are real but they’re illegal in my home state.”
  • “Briefly was a werewolf, then it got trendy so I stopped.”
  • “Super-Mange.”
  • “Couldn’t drink a pina colada.”
  • “I don’t like Pokeymans.”

For $5:

  • “Help, I’m trapped in a What Are You Playing factory!”
  • “Sang a dis track about werewolves on MC Rhymes-Sometimes’ 1997 album ‘No Werewolves’ and thus my werewolf rights were revoked.”
  • “Cannot find moon.”
  • “Already weak to silver due to underlying medical conditions.”
  • “Very elite mange.”

For $10:

  • “Already a werecat.”
  • “Werewolves aren’t covered by my car insurance.”
  • “I am Van Heckspite, the werewolf hunter.”
  • “More like where-wolf, am I right? See, werewolves hate puns.”
  • “Still mange.”

Bonus question: What’s the longest period of time you’ve ever stayed awake continuously?

Andy McAdams: Probably just a repeat of last weekend – Valheim and World of Warcraft. I’m a creature of habit.

Bonus Question: I think it was 36 hours? From 7 AM-ish one day and I worked through until 7-ish the following the day (then when I finally got to bed, proceeded to get paged at about 7 times by the same person who didn’t seem to understand the concept of “you have the wrong pager number”).

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ve been kind of obsessed with this dumb farming game you guys. I need to play something else but the strategy combined with building and decorating just sucked me in. I have even neglected Star Wars Galaxies Legends this week. I might dip into City of Heroes. We’ll see.

I can’t really remember… I have managed insomnia, but even I will pass out eventually. My guess would be around 45-50 hours (third shifts, college, video games, labor, etc.). Not smart.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There’s another RP event happening in Final Fantasy XIV this weekend that I’ll be a part of, and I want to try to peek my head in to the Outriders demo at some point, but that is kind of about it. I really want to do some Elite: Dangerous trucking but I don’t know if I’ll have the time.

I think the longest I’ve been awake was about 16 or 17 hours driving from Pennsylvania to Virginia thanks to holiday traffic. By the time I was nearly home, I was hallucinating little shadowy bunnies running across the road and road signs hopping forward into position when my headlights shone on them. I would not recommend doing that.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): There’s stuff to review this weekend as well as my usual FFXIV stuff, and that’ll pretty much make for my limited time this weekend. Mostly I’m looking forward to sleeping.

My longest period without sleeping was probably 48 hours or so in college, since my roommate was a computer science major who tended to go long stretches crunching on a project that left me with few choices but staying awake alongside him. My insomnia made staying up relatively easy.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m wrapping up the last few secrets left to unlock in Ikenfell. Also I saw a new game released on Steam called Rogue Heroes that looks like a four player co-op Zelda SNES game. Stick enough nostalgia gaming key words together and you have my money!

I think the longest I ever started awake was around 30 hours or so. It was for my final project my senior year and it had to get done to graduate!

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’ve got a Curse of Strahd game on Saturday, and I was thinking of checking out the Outriders demo.

Bonus question: About 24 hours. By the end I thought I was a hummingbird of some kind. (Not really, but I was pretty loopy.)

Pierre, patron: My gaming program is basically the same as last week. Final Fantasy XIV is still my MMO of choice and I’m enjoying my time in Eorzea. I’m also continuing my adventures in Persona 5, and keep getting amazed by this fantastic game!

Bonus question: I think the longest I’ve stayed awake is 36 to 38 hours, when I was younger and we did all-nighters playing pen and paper D&D with friends during school vacations. And you MOP readers, what’s new for you on the gaming front this weekend?

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Robert Mann
10 months ago

I’ll keep my money, because I care not if somebody is engaging in idle speculation.

As to what I am playing, it’s a bunch of indie titles that have some interesting ideas, and a title or two in-dev that I’m helping test since the ideas there interest me as well. Almost none of which are multi-player, except one of the in-dev titles.

Malcolm Swoboda
10 months ago
  • Genshin Impact – Still basically nothing! To the point that I’m skeptical I’ll buy the battle pass this time. But I’ll see if I can rush as much event story content as possible tonight. If I manage it, I’m still in this thing, baby! If I don’t, that’s some enthusiasm dampened.
  • Last Cloudia – Easy completed both the character story event and training boost event. There’s new main story, perhaps the 2nd or 3rd last major story update for this main story arc!, but I’ve barely started it so far. A Dr. Stone event rerun+additions is coming shortly, but I’m considering just taking my free collab unit ticket they’re providing, and saving my effort and resources for non-collabs.
  • Another Eden – Not much, but there’s been a couple Mythos chapters added lately so I started one of them.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom – Still kind of stalled on map progress but I’m keeping up just well enough to still want to finish the maps one day.
  • Princess Connect Re:Dive – Nearly caught up with the new maps/story, and finishing up a story event’s rewards. It may be waifu, and ridiculous, but its relaxing sidegame fun.
  • Dragon Quest Tact – Quit! I just took a look around the game today, and what I want from it, and realized that I lack the DQ nostalgia, dedicated time to play, and interest in the funny storyline, to keep going. Not with so many other games happening. So I backed up the save and uninstalled. Looking to drop one or maybe two more. Top contenders are SAO:AR and Cookie Run, but they’re not going soon unless there’s surprise gacha game releases like the Neir or Octopath Traveler franchise ones.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothing!
  • Logins: Tales of Crestoria (did a silly story event with …cat cuteness battles!), SAO:AR

Didn’t do more Ring Fit this week because I was doing more normal exercises instead, and suffered the aches. We’re pushing through Alan Wake: American Nightmare a bit more.

I am trying the Outriders demo through Steam + GeforceNow and from what I experience, its tickling good things with my taste enough that I’m at least interested in getting it on discount later this year. If luck strikes and we get that new PC, and I have other people to play with, and the demo content is just a small shade of the full fun of the full product, and the launch is successful enough that the devs start discussing updates/expansions, anddd I get that job started that I am supposedly getting for April, then I can see myself buying it in Spring/Summer. I know its problems. I know its cherrypicking many of the most generic tropes and designs. Its working for me so far. Like a personal favorite B movie. Or a smaller version of whatever I hoped for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Really. Chosen class is Technomancer and my 1 hour free limits in GFN have been good in rationing my time to a mission per session.

My partner came into extended close contact with a positive COVID-19 case recently, so he’s had to isolate and test, so I’ve decided (in practicality even if not regulation/advice) to isolate and test with him, but we both have the negative result today so while he’ll still isolate, I’ll suffice with distancing, still getting some outside exercise, and groceries if needed.

He’s not really messing with Hades, last I checked, but its all about FFXII. He’s back to Rabinastre after fighting a Judge on a skyship. Also some stuff like Starcraft II and Mario Kart with friends. And this weird little not-F2P word puzzle mobile game, I think? He keeps picking it up for a bit after dinner ha.

Malcolm Swoboda
10 months ago

Bonus: I’ve stayed awake about two days I guess. I’m not sure I’ve fully skipped two nights of sleep. But I HAVE had two, or three nights of sleep that doesn’t count as such (less than 3 hours). I could achieve that in my late teens, which turned into just very late nights in my early twenties, which turned into one very late night in my late twenties, and now I actually voluntarily often sleep before 1am, even being a night owl. … but I still stay up until 2-3am when the mood strikes ;)

Kickstarter Donor
Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron
10 months ago

Hey Malcolm! What are your thoughts on Ring Fit? Is it worth getting?

Malcolm Swoboda
10 months ago
Reply to  zoward

I’ve only played a fraction my partner has, but it was surprisingly nice! Doesn’t replace a lot of things you could do, but it does some of the essential stretches and heart pumping, and the tips it gives you seems sound.

For any bigger goals (“I need to lose 50 lbs”) it’d be only a part of the solution.

Lethia Myune
10 months ago

I finally started the level 50 quest chains/chapters/books ya’name’it from LOTRO and oh boyyyy that is one long long long struggle of “go there on the other side of this humongous map, talk to that npc and come back to me again to kill 10 mobs then go back to that npc”. I actually checked the clock how long it takes a simple quest turn in and it was 10 min plus and i had zero fun while running across huge heaps of empty land.

I am not sure at this point if i’m super invested in the story because Amathiel, Narchuil and seeing Elrond for the 200th time in the last hour are engaging or i’m just masochistic and i had no idea. I did buy a bunch of mithril coins just because my brain was melting from all that running. Anyway, the story is top notch but the delivery is…painful. I haven’t been in such a love/hate relationship with a game since Cataclysm WoW so this will be a very interesting weekend of feeling a million feelings at once haha

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Ashfyn Ninegold
10 months ago

I’m on a LOTRO jag, just going around finishing every deed and quest. What’s wrong with me? Have a gone to the dark side?

Bonus question: Fifty-two hours. I know this because it was the early 1980s and film marathons were a thing. FILMEX (the old Los Angeles International Film Festival) had a week long extravaganza at the Century City Theatres, two large, wide-screen film palaces side by side in the fake place that was Century City, built appropriately on the old 20th Century Fox Studio between Westwood and Santa Monica. (Theaters are gone now, I believe; the soulless towers of Century City remain.)

I always took the week off and usually went to around 25 or 30 films. But then there was the Film Marathon. One year it was Westerns and another year Science Fiction. We’d pack several meals, bring a pillow and settle in for non-stop hours of the rarely seen (Tarkovsky’s Solaris) and just plain fun.

The Western Movie Marathon was 52 hours.

10 months ago

I’m part of the Valheim herd, though I might see what the latest Baldur’s Gate 3 patch brought us.

I’ve pulled a few 24-hour shifts at work in my younger days, but the longest I’ve ever avoided sleep was in an MMO — EverQuest. Ragefire camp. I did about 50 hours without sleep, solo-clearing the fire giants to maintain my claim. It took over 70 hours for that stupid dragon to spawn, but after 50 my roommate took over so I could get 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

It was brutal, dehumanizing and stupid, but the sunk cost kept me waiting. Got my sprinkler and the raid team finally stopped pestering me about it.

Never again.

10 months ago

This weekend I don’t really have a focus for gaming. FFXIV, Dead By Daylight, maybe Valheim, or some singleplayer stuff like Rogue Legacy 2 are sort of the main games I’m playing off and on. Might play some Super Robot Wars OGs or whichever Fire Emblem game I got on my Switch.

Bonus Question: I think maybe 40-50ish hours. Not sure exactly but I haven’t been able to do that again in several years.

10 months ago

This week: “There are four kinds of lupine theriomorphs:


They are distinct from each other, differing on the means of archieving the transformation, and how much of the person’s self and humanity remains intact.

All of them are also often referred to as werewolves, although that term is properly used for only the ‘classic werewolf’.”

Source: https://dresdenfiles.fandom.com/wiki/Lupine_theriomorph

Also this week: I have to tell you the story sometime of why I finally quit TERA. Technically the saga is still going. But I think whatever gets resolved…I’m pretty much done with the game. Just don’t feel like getting into it today. /sigh

Bonus Answer: There was a number of times during the early hormone stages of life where I was given over to nightly doses of insomnia. I’d say early, because in the current hormone stage of life is giving me over to middle aged girth. I am sleeping mostly well though… o.O

Have a great week and weekend folks! And please stay safe! /bows

IronSalamander8 .
10 months ago

I should have posted this for the werewolves!


10 months ago

Bonus: Three days, three nights.

Kickstarter Donor
10 months ago

This weekend I’ll be playing mostly Apex with little bit of Albion. I’m also giving Deep Rock Galactic a try during its free weekend. Definitely get the “I am a Dwarf and I’m digging a hole” vibe. Doing it solo for now, but it definitely seems like it’d be better with a friend or two. I like the graphics and the mission-centric approach make sense.

Bonus: Probably between 36-48 hours, mostly doing silly church youth group events. Couple of weeks ago, it made it nearly 30 hours, but that was a drug & pain related brain spasm of insomnia attack.