Magic Legends introduces you to a trio of key characters

Keeping it up

Magic the Gathering fans are no strangers to the colorful characters and personalities that they’ve encountered through card descriptions. Cryptic is looking to carry forward that feeling as it fashioned NPCs for the upcoming Magic Legends.

The studio put out a dev blog introducing fans to three key characters that adventurers will encounter in their journeys through the planes. Each of the three were pulled from the established Magic the Gathering universe, so they might not be unfamiliar to lore nerds. These characters are the planeswalker and animist Nissa, the insane villain Josu Vess, and the storm mage Ral Zarek.

“We consider their current state in the timeline, their history, as well as the art that has been used to portray them,” Cryptic commented. “We then extrapolate from these key elements to create the most faithful representation possible.”


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blahlbinoa .

surprised Jace isn’t there…yet

Bruno Brito

I wonder if he’ll just be like the main cliche hero.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Im truly wondering if enough people will play this. For myself the cash shop potential is enough to make me say no. The action rpg gameplay might drive away others expecting a traditional MMO. The RNG gameplay revealed so far is genuinely annoying for some as well.

Jeremy Barnes

as a fan of arpgs and Magic: The Gathering.. I was genuinely impressed with how poorly their systems and the arpg gameplay all worked together to create an unenjoyable experience.

Vanquesse V

I love oarpgs and I know next to nothing about the game, but what I do know doesn’t bode well. I plan on trying the beta at the end of the month and see for myself, but I don’t expect it to be a game I spend much time, money or thoughtspace on.