Bless Unleashed is adding new weapons, timed dungeons, and gear and stamina tweaks this spring

And... NO.

Spring is ready to bloom in Bless Unleashed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be new plants to enjoy. Instead there will be a number of updates to the console MMO focused around combat, dungeons, and gear. So really, players themselves are blooming in a way. See, it works!

The spring update will introduce Ancient Weapons, the game’s first S-class weapons. Finding these shiny new toys will reportedly require “a serious investment” from players as they follow clues that lead to a Cursed Ancient Weapon. Once found, players will be guided along by the weapon’s guardian to clear the weapon’s curse and unlock its full potential — a process that will apparently take months to do.

In addition, the spring update will introduce a Timed Dungeon system that features a rotating set of dungeons to clear for rewards including items needed for Ancient Weapon improvement; a new Abyssal version of the Rutus Mines dungeon; the addition of an attack speed modifier to certain weapons that will increase the speed that animations play, reduce the cooldown on skills, and allow players to move through combos faster; and adjustments to stamina that allow players to dodge roll more frequently or sprint longer out of combat.


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