Star Trek Online fans agitate to bring Leonard Nimoy-voiced missions back to the game

Plus, the Voyager-J comes to PC and Year of the Klingon updates come to console

Leonard Nimoy’s contribution to the Star Trek fandom cannot possibly be overstated, so bearing that in mind, it makes sense that fans of Star Trek Online would be upset that missions featuring the actor’s voice work have been missing from the game for a while. The matter was brought up in a post on the game’s subreddit on the anniversary of Nimoy’s death, which is demanding that the devs bring back all of the missing missions as a means to honor the actor’s legacy.

“TBH, for a Star Trek game to remove missions with original Leonard Nimoy VO is practically an unforgivable sin, and every day these missions remain gone from this game is a disgrace to Trek fans and Mr. Nimoy’s memory. This never should have gone on this long, and it’s time time to fix this mistake.”

In other STO news, PC players will soon get to pilot the Janeway-class Voyager Science Vessel, with the craft stuffed inside of either a Research and Development Pack or a Duty Officer Pack. These packs will be discounted between March 4th and March 8th, and between March 4th and March 25th, there will be a promotion that will provide either 10 Lobi Crystals or a Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack that grants players the option to select the Voyager-J or any number of Tier 6 ships when opening these packs.

Finally, console players will get more Klingon love with part three of the Year of the Klingon updates, featuring improved character models, more Klingon customization, an improved starting experience for KDF characters, and the Grethor storyline.

sources: Reddit, official site 1, 2), thanks Trekfangrrrl and Anon for the tip!

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Kickstarter Donor
10 months ago

To be fair to Cryptic (never thought I’d hear myself say that lol) it isn’t like they arbitrarily removed them.

They removed them because the game’s narrative is a living thing and the story has changed a bunch of times since the game launched and MANY missions have been removed or sidelined until they can be re-worked not just missions with Leonard’s VO on (Kuvamagh storyline anyone?, pretty much all of the Bajor/Cardassian storyline, the story surrounding the augments etc.. this list goes on).

And Leonards voice is still present in a slew of Sector intro’s that you get when you enter a one for the first time (and can be listened to at any time afterward via the Voice Recorder we are ALL given in-game).

At the end of the day however much we all like Leonard and his body of work in relation to Trek and his other creative outlets, he is still just content and it isn’t like he wouldn’t have known that.

10 months ago

As the person who wrote the reddit post in question, I just want to reiterate that there is simply no excuse for this situation. You don’t remove ANY Leonard Nimoy voiceover from a Star Trek game, period.

And to address 2 of the main excuses some people tried to make for this situation:

1: “COVID slowed them down”: these missions were removed something like a year and half before they were effected by COVID. That means they had a year and a half before COVID to do these updates, but didn’t. When you put something off that long you don’t suddenly get to blame COVID for the delays that happened before COVID was even a thing.

2: “the dev team is small and they don’t have the resources to make new content and update old content”: ok, then don’t REMOVE the old content. Or, don’t remove it UNTIL the updated version is READY.

There is simply no valid excuse for this situation, and to remove anything Leonard Nimoy did from a Star Trek game after his passing is just…insane.

10 months ago
Reply to  trekfangrrrl

I’m a HUGE TOS (and TOS era fan – first TOS episode I saw on NBC at age 6 was “Elaan of Troyius” in 1969).

The above said; they removed one mission that has Leonard Nimoy saying a paragraph of two as the Science/First Officer aboard the TOS era U.S.S. Enterprise at the end of the ‘Guardian Of Forever’ mission; and as far as I know that is still awaiting a remaster by said STO Dev team.

All the rest of Leonard Nimoy’s other original VO for the game is still there – and they added his VO as a ‘recorded log’ that Sela listens to in the Romulan Arc that Federation faction players get.

It’s not like they are going out of their way to just cut missions with Leonard Nimoy’s VO work – the particular mission with the GoF IS in need of a major remastering (it was buggy to begin with).

If you’ve found they never plan to bring it back; I’ll be right their with you raising hell as I agree – they should NEVER permanently remove a mission with VO from the late/great Leonard Nimoy in a Star Trek MMO – and if they don’t feel they can bring back the original mission – they need to do another ‘time travel based’ mission where you encounter the TOS 1701 (in the original GoF mission it ‘comes to the rescue’ as yo9u’re fighting a Klingon D7 – and after that you get get a message from ‘Science officer Spock’ noting that your ship doesn’t seem to fit/be from his era, and he suspects why, but he doesn’t want to know more…
They could set up a similar scenario in any mission involving Time Travel if they don’t feel remastering the GoF mission. I also can’t recall if they used the original Voice Over from Bartell La Rue (who did a great job with that GoF voice in “City on the Edge of Forver”) or not for the STO version of the Guardian.

Bottom line: While I agree, IF they are working on remastering their GoF mission; as a TOS fan and STO player, I’m content to wait. It is a very small piece of Leonard Nimoy VO – and they haven’t removed any other VO from him in the game.

(YMMV of course)

10 months ago
Reply to  Armsman

See response #2 above. They can take all the time in the world, but don’t remove the missions from the game UNTIL the replacement is ready. There is just no excuse for removing it and then years passing by like this. For the last year they have been revamping old KDF missions, but nothing was removed from the game until the new ones were ready to go live. And if they weren’t proud of the quality, then it should have just been moved to the “available” tab like the old featured episodes.

10 months ago
Reply to  trekfangrrrl

The “excuse” is the same as Warframe had for axing the Trials (raids) in that game – the mission was incredibly buggy, and part of a line of content that many players were apparently going out of their way to avoid. (Some disliked the “Miral Paris is the most important being in the galaxy” story, many just disliked the antiquated mission designs and even more bugs that were present in the whole storyline from start to finish.)

They’ve removed a *lot* of missions. Hopefully they’ll be eventually remade and re-released. But all of the stories that were outright killed (instead of sidelined like the “Specters” arc) were incredibly buggy, sometimes in gamebreaking ways. It’s also a side effect of Cryptic’s love of spaghetti code and apparent inability to document their work – when the person who made a mission leaved the company or switches to another team, any systems they were maintaining just… stop working. (For reference: Exploration missions, the Foundry, and their entire cross-game chat system. As a small selection.)

Basically, losing the Nimoy voiceover is a small symptom of much larger issues. I mean, they paid original actors for a ton of voice work for missions, some of which were barely even in the game before getting pulled. Levar Burton was prominent as the replacement for “Generic Starfleet Captain” in a bunch of missions at the start of the Klingon War arc. They got Jeffry Coombs to reprise his role as Weyoun to replace “Generic Vorta” in the “Lost Dominion” story.

The Admiral LaForge missions are entirely unplayable as far as I know, with only a fraction of his voice work remaining. The “Lost Dominion” arc still exists, but it’s an almost hidden and entirely optional arc that doesn’t appear in the list of episodes at all. You have to know it exists and go *looking* for it to play it. And even then it’s pretty glitched, with cutscenes that barely function and in a couple of points Weyoun *and* Generic Vorta’s dialogue playing at the same time.

Losing access to some of the Nimoy voice work is unfortunate. So is all the *other* work that they’ve amputated. They also got a bunch of lines from Zachary Quinto for the original tutorial, which has changed so much that his part has been reduced to a few lines of audio cameo.

10 months ago
Reply to  EmberStar

You nailed my reason for leaving — the inability to document their work and therefore having no clue how to support certain game systems. When they announced they would be shutting down the Foundry, I went ahead and left guild and uninstalled.

10 months ago

I’ve been away for a while, didn’t know about this. Licensing issue, or decision/flub on the game’s part? Are the missions actually removed, or just the voice acting for them?

Roger Edwards
10 months ago
Reply to  Slaphammer

The missing missions are part of a story arc called Klingon War. Three specific missions have been removed for “re-mastering”. The story involves the iconic Guardian of Forever and the player is transported back to the 23rd TOS era. Spock appears in the game and is voiced by Nimoy. The following three episodes have been out of the game for a while now. The Ultimate Klingon, City on the Edge of Never and Past Imperfect.

Cryptic have taken content out of the game in the past and then revised the graphics or added a known Trek actor. LeVar Burton was added to some older content and generic Ferengi and Caradassian characters have subsequently been replaced by Quark (Armin Shimerman) and Garak (Andy Robinson). As CBS controls the license for STO there shouldn’t be any legal issues with restoring Nimoy’s voice acting. They use music from TOS and snatches of dialogue from several shows already.

Cryptic have tinkered with the story arcs so many times that at present is all a bit of a mess. Several stories lines have been taken out of the main mission menu and are now buried in the games journal. Spectres being the best of these. The game does need a major revision in this regard. Cryptic have got the Klingon side of things ship shape now. Perhaps its time to sort out the story on the Fed side.

Kickstarter Donor
Ken from Chicago
10 months ago
Reply to  Roger Edwards

They did a fantastic upgrade to the Fed tutorial a few years ago. I think the limitations they have is staffing and they are limited in how much of the old game they can upgrade vs how much of new Trek they can incorporate from Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy, Discovery in the 32nd century.

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Loyal Patron
10 months ago
Reply to  Roger Edwards

As someone who’s been playing since end of beta, I find STO very accurately replicates the experience of living in a universe where time travel exists and is routinely used to re-shape the galaxy.

Events I remember no longer happened. Events that characters tell me I was present for never occurred in my recollection. Things that I remember happening one way happen differently, with different characters, if revisited.