After just four months in open beta, pixel MMO Naïca is already in maintenance mode

They're keeping your money, though, and working on a spinoff game


Naïca hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to remember the combination of keys to make the ï without copypasta, and now it’s over, so no one will have to. Readers will recall that the game popped up on our radar at the end of 2019 and rolled into open beta last November as a 2-D cross-platform MMO. The game was intended to get much more development before launch, but as of this week, that’s no longer the case.

“[O]n friday 5th of March, the majority of the team will leave the company (me included),” Millenium [sic] Studio developer ZeddOTak told players on Discord. “This is directly related to the launch of the open Beta on November 10.”

“In short: the launched failed for multiple reasons, and the project is not sustainable for the company in this current form. Naïca was the first video game project for the whole team, and trust me it wasn’t easy to go this far! […] Naïca will still be available to all players, and everything stays in place.”

Apparently, two devs will remain with the company as Lead Developer & Level Designer, but they’ll be working on “a new exciting project related to Naïca, which will be available later on” rather than on the game people already paid into. The devs later clarified that this is a “new game, with Naïca’s design, characters, etc.”

Players in the Discord (and our inbox) seem pretty miffed over the situation, as developer comms until yesterday were sparse but gave no indication that the end of development and maintenance mode were coming, suggesting players were unwittingly feeding the cash shop the whole time even as developers moved on to this new project behind the scenes. Moreover, both our tipster and Discord players reported rather serious lag, bugs, and account exploits that seemingly remain unfixed. At this stage, we recommend that if you have a Naïca account, you should change your passwords and take steps to safeguard your PID.

Source: Discord. With thanks to Sam!

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Must not have done a great job marketing the open beta as I had no clue it had reached that far. I get their newsletters and none must of grabbed my attention with the subject line.

I played the game a year or more ago and it just didn’t feel like anything special. Pretty generic and basic.

Kevin Smith

It’s hard to feel sorry for those that were feeding the cash shop on a game that hasn’t even released. I understand trying to support devs that are making something you enjoy but at some point there has to be some type of accountability and unfortunately we don’t have that in gaming at the moment. The era of having the customer pay for development instead of finding actual real backers and publishers has left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of gamers over the course of the last ten or so years because of devs like these that take the money and use it for something else.

Kickstarter Donor

Moreover, both our tipster and Discord players reported rather serious lag, bugs, and account exploits that seemingly remain unfixed.

Classic case of “Meh, fixing bugs sucks, let’s just start over.”

Responsible Disclosure

To clarify, the exploits were significant. I actually disclosed multiple serious issues to the devs during closed Alpha, and the did nothing about them.

Some were just based on gaining an advantage (item dupe and generating unlimited currency VERY quickly and easily) but the more serious one involved breaching user credentials including passwords.

When informing them of this, I was told, and I quote:

Hey :slight_smile: Alpha is not relevant anymore so there’s close to no interest in finding things there
Wait the open Beta!
And we wouldn’t have time to look at that anyway

Edit: I was the “tipster” mentioned in the article. I contacted MassivelyOP after the devs ignored and then repeatedly deleted my Discord messages advising users to change their passwords.