ArcheAge Unchained begins the process of its EU and NA ‘server evolution’


You’ve got it wrong, friends. The servers aren’t merging to fewer servers in order to keep game populations together; they’re evolving into something new. That’s the sugar-coated pill that ArcheAge Unchained has fed its NA and EU players with the start of today’s server merging process aka “server evolution.”

Obviously, this is far from news for those following our reporting, as well as unremarkable through the game’s overall history as server merges have also happened in 2015 and 2017. This also means that there will once more be land rushes as housing spots are cleared out, as pointed out in the related FAQ:

“The servers being merged together will take place on a brand new server environment, meaning all players on merged environments will have no land at the beginning. Don’t worry though, all of your fully-built homes/farms/structures will be reimbursed as full kits. Additionally, for every fully built house or farm, the player will get 250 Tax Certificates for each House / Farm they have.”

As of this writing, the EU servers are back online, so the NA servers are sure to follow soon; maintenance for NA servers started at 8:00 a.m. EST this morning. The merges itself are slated for Thursday.

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