Blankos Block Party makes more shooting and racing changes and improves the Party Bus feature


The open beta for the multiplayer game-building title Blankos Block Party has gotten another update full of improvements to racing and shooting parties among other things.

On the shooting side of things, all weapons have gotten unique reticles to better visualize where projectiles will fall, while automatic weapons and rail guns now feature hitscan for faster and more accurate shooting gameplay. There’s also larger areas for ammo pickups and improved lag compensation as well.

As for racing, there’s a new starting grid system that features some more customization options, an improved position HUD, and the option to either show all racing checkpoints at once or only the next checkpoint in a race course.

Building overall has also been improved, with Vibes that can be resized to grant more energy, the option to set how long it takes for Vibes to respawn, and some improved snap points. Finally, the Party Bus feature has had some new functionality, including the addition of a Featured section, a rolling list of parties players have recently visited, and the ability to add parties they like into a Favorites section.

There are a variety of other adjustments as well, which can either be read in the patch notes or watched in a summary video below.


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