Blizzard puts out new job calls for unannounced multiplayer projects


We’re back with another bit of pondering and theorycrafting spawned by game dev job postings. This time we’re looking at Blizzard’s careers site, which has posted a couple of intriguing job offers related to new projects.

The postings in question seek out a mid-level or associate combat designer and a senior or lead content designer, both of which are associated with unannounced multiplayer projects. The former seeks a developer with “FPS design experience” that is able to “rapidly prototype new gameplay in pursuit of intuitive mechanics and satisfying feel,” while the latter requests someone with “experience designing and scripting open world or emergent gameplay content” as well as having a vision for spawning encounters, world events, and visual storytelling elements.

It’s hard to say whether these projects are the same game or different games, or are even associated with the upcoming Warcraft mobile game, but it would seem that the reveals made at BlizzConline were not the only things that Blizzard has been cooking up.

source: Blizzard Careers (1, 2), thanks Eliot W. for the tip!

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Adventure Freedom

I can tell you 100% it will be Genshin-like open world, a bit more complex combat and graphics.

Sarah Cushaway

Mobile garbage.

Kevin Smith

As some others have already suggested it is most likely for their next overwatch project. Blizzard is not going to make any more IP’s. They scrapped the last MMO they were making and turned it into overwatch as an example of where the company is heading. So don’t get people’s hopes up, it’s not the company it once was.

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I know they hinted at unannounced new titles at BlizzConline, possibly new IP, so who knows. I’m hoping they just flesh out the PvE Overwatch 2 content at the very least.


Get ready for the coming Disneyfication of WoW. Dilute the IP to touch on as many different demographics as possible and then tie them all together to force people to consume all of it.

Anthony Clark

Come on Galaxy of Starcraft!!!!