Fractured updates players on the tech tree and studio investment while delaying its next test


You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that the winter test forĀ Fractured is not taking place in February, due to certain little indicators like the fact that it is presently March. The latest dispatch from the development team acknowledges this, explaining that some of the time was taken up by adding the economy into the game with the marketplace (unveiled in a new video just below) and more was taken up with the time needed to get sieges working properly. Fortunately, still more time was taken up with good business news!

It turns out thatĀ Fractured has gotten a new round of funding to help grow its team to include an animator and another programmer, expanding from its existing team of eight people. While this took some time away from development, it’s ultimately good news for the game as a whole. So you’ll be getting more in the next test version of the game and there’s more to look forward to, but it does mean that the next alpha test will be sometime this month. That seems like a fair trade.

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