Guild Wars 2’s ‘Balance’ episode launches March 9 – here’s the new trailer

Guild Wars 2 next big thing – Season 5: The Icebrood Saga: Episode 5: Champions: Chapter 3: Balance – is launching next week. ArenaNet put a date on that mouthful of an update name, March 9th, this morning, along with a new trailer and rundown of what to expect. And yes, ya boy Braham is at the center of it all, though the Tengu faction might actually pull more at your nostalgia heartstrings.

“Three new Dragon Response Missions will be available in Caledon Forest, Bloodtide Coast, and Fireheart Rise, where the devastation wrought by the Elder Dragons Jormag and Primordus has left the countryside in calamity. A new story mission will shine the spotlight on Braham, whose bond with the Spirits of the Wild will move him one step closer to fulfilling his destiny.

“Faction recruitment continues, with the elusive Tengu availing themselves to the fight while also making their unique weapons available to their new allies. Three additional factions will become available after the episode releases, with a new one arriving every two weeks until April 20. Episode 5’s Dragonslayer weapons will reach a new third tier, bestowing their ultimate power to their wielders, while a new unique skritt scepter will sparkle alluringly for those who desire more shiny baubles for their weapon inventory.”

As usual, this chapter will be playable on Path of Fire-enabled accounts. We’re expecting the fourth and final chapter of this episode, Judgment, in “late April.”

Source: Press release
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