Here’s how Elder Scrolls Online’s champion point system is changing with update 29


Elder Scrolls Online’s champion system has been been around since 2015, and through it all, it’s been a bit of a thorn in the game’s side. It was intended as a horizontal progression system to endgamers, but it’s caused no end of balance problems along the way, many of which have been papered over to keep the game intact. But with the impending update 29 patch, ZeniMax Online is planning to rebuild the whole system from the ground up, specifically to deal with its powercreep and progression walls.

The new system will simplify the constellations from nine total to three clustered groups: warfare, fitness, and craft. The new groupings are intended to reinforce gamers’ chosen playstyles instead of focusing on stats.

“Within each constellation group, you can assign your Champion Points to stars to acquire passive boosts, increase their effectiveness, and unlock additional pathways to new stars. The total [number] of stars in each constellation group is different, and some even include nested additional constellations inside of them. […] In addition to the new constellation groups, this update also introduces a unique bar and special stars that can be slotted into it. These stars grant especially powerful boons, but they must be slotted to work, with four slots being available for each of the three constellation groups. These special stars allow for a greater amount of flexibility and variance between builds and help to make your choices truly meaningful.”

The changes will also mean updates to the character page to help you “measure your granular changes” – even down to some of the more niche stats that weren’t visible before. Update 29 launches March 8th as a free update alongside the Flames of Ambition DLC, so if you’re an endgamer looking forward to the revamp, you haven’t got long to wait.


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Part of me is “yay this sounds cool” at this. but then the other part of me is “Aww crap now I have to respec 30 characters” lol

Andrew Schwartz

Now if only they would fix animation canceling. Or at least make it look smooth.

Vanquesse V

From the very begining of the CP system it was mean to increase over time, but the last time this happened was on Oct. ’18 with the Murkmire dlc. At the time Zenimax was worried that raising the cap any higher would break the game and stated they would work on a better longterm solution. I’m surprised it took them this long, but happy it’s here soon. I just hope it’s any good

Kickstarter Donor

Yay, more fun twiddling and tweaking of characters.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I appreciate that the developers seem to revisit systems in this game here and there. I don’t know if this is good or not though as I never hit max level to experience the system in the first place.

Holden Nagata

the champion points are a really good horizontal progression idea, but there’s definitely a balance ZOS has to strike between making them cool to get post-50 & making them too interesting that pre-50 feels bad.

once one char gets to max though, the CP are unlocked on your entire account’s worth of chars.